Monday, June 27, 2011

"I want a pet"

"I want a pet." Those are the words I've heard many times over the last several days from Lydia.

"I want a pet", she says with those big, brown, puppy dog eyes.

"I want a pet", she says out-of -the-blue when nothing related to pets or animals is being discussed.

I want a pet", she says when I least expect it.

When I think of a pet, I tend to think in terms of 4 footed beasts. You know, dogs, cats and the like. Maybe even a turtle or iguana.

Not Lydia.

She has one thing in mind. It's even FREE, a word I like to hear. Easily replaced, too, for when those unfortunate events in life happen.

She wants carpenter ants for pets. Not just one, no. She wants a
family of ants. It must include at least three members - father ant, mother ant, and one to be a baby ant (no matter that it's the same size as the father and mother).

Lydia likes to play with them. She likes picking them up and having them crawl on her. They're so much more enjoyable that way.

This mother draws the line, though. Lydia may keep the ants, but
outside. Now, I know carpenter ants aren't likely to bite us, but I don't want them cruising around inside the house when they get out of the flimsy (cheap) bug house they call home.

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