Monday, November 1, 2010

Sick Samuel

You might have noticed that Samuel was missing from those Reformation Day pictures. Yes, he was. My little Samuel was sick. His throat hurt when he woke up that morning and he developed a fever as the day worn on.

It was easy to see that Samuel was sick. He was very quiet all day. He mostly just wanted to lay on Ed. He asked me to rock him. He didn't ask for food or drinks and didn't want them when offered. He didn't play.

So, when he had not perked up after lunch, Ed called our friends and told them to not come. Good thing, as the fever soon appeared. Later in the afternoon, Ed took over part of the feast I'd prepared so our friends could at least share in our food.

Samuel did sit at the table with us for a while and ate a few bites of bread, then he climbed back into Ed's arms.

Today, however, he's back to his loud, bouncy self!

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