Sunday, October 10, 2010

September Walking Progress

Well, September began slowly and then took off with my mileage increasing by leaps and bounds!

Esther and I got back on track with walking many days, and then Sarah and Ed both wanted to walk, too. Since we can't all three be gone from the house at the same time, it had to happen in shifts.

Some days I would walk as usual first thing in the morning, and then I'd return home to pick up Esther. Later in the month, though, I began to sleep through my early morning walk, knowing that I'd be getting plenty of walking in by the end of the day.

A pattern emerged of Esther and I walking before breakfast, and then at night after supper or after the other children were in bed, I'd walk with Sarah and then Ed. So, if you kept count, some days I took 3 walks and other days I took 4 walks (and a few days, only 2 walks).

Whew! One day they wore we out when my total at the end of the day was almost 9 miles. That's when I decided that dropping my private morning walk wouldn't hurt me.

So, my total for September was 116.67 miles, which makes my year-to-date total 567.58 miles. That leaves me only 132.42 miles to reach my goal of 700 miles for the year. Totally possible for me to reach my goal, don't you think?

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