Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Homemade Shoes

Have I gone bonkers? Homemade shoes?

Yes, and, no, I'm not bonkers, just thrifty!

Back in July or so we ordered a custom made pair of shoes for Jacob from Soft Star Shoes in Oregon. They were very pricey, but fit his little curved feet like no other shoes we've tried.

They slip on so easily and are very soft leather, so they don't hurt us when we're holding him and he kicks his leg. "Normal" shoes are very hard to get on his little feet because his feet curve and the arch area is thick. Soft Star Shoes work great!

Their shoes looked like they'd be simple enough that I could make a pair, so I decided to give it a try. Last week, I bought three pieces of felt for a total of $.75. I got three different colors with the intent to make a colorful pair of shoes that would remind me of a favorite pair that Samuel wore back when he was small.

A week ago, I used one of Jacob's shoes to draw off my pattern on paper and then cut out the pattern and the felt. I sewed one shoe together by hand while we were traveling. This morning, I sewed the other shoe together. Then, I used the machine to add the velcro (which I already had on hand).

Ta-da! $.75 shoes!

Now, I know these shoes won't be durable, but I chose the felt because I knew it'd be easy to sew and would be good for a trial pair, besides being cheap.

When I was all finished, I tried them on Jacob. My straps were way too long. Does felt stretch? It must. I cut the straps shorter and added more velcro and then they fit much better.

I'm planning to make another pair some day out of vinyl or leather, or maybe suede. You know, a real pair of shoes. Until then, I'm pleased that I could accomplish what I set out to do.

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