Monday, October 4, 2010

He Can't Stand Up

Jacob was sitting on the kitchen floor, playing with toy soldiers. I was working nearby and heard him say, "He won't stand up," and with that, he tossed one of the soldiers over his left shoulder as if throwing him away.

This caught my attention. These words had come from the boy who himself can't stand up in the way that most people stand. It seemed like a good teaching opportunity, so I grabbed it.

Walking over to Jacob, I asked him what he meant about the soldier not being able to stand. "You can't stand up, either," I said to him. Without blinking an eye, Jacob gave me a big grin and told me that he could stand and to "see, here!" With that, he dragged himself over to the nearby cooler and, using his arms, pulled himself into a standing position and his face beamed at me as he proved to Mama that he'd not forgotten how to stand. To this, I had to admit that yes, he could indeed stand!

I talked to him about how yes, he could stand if he had something to lean on. Then, I showed him how the toy soldier could stand, too, if he could lean against something. With this, I stood the soldier up inside the cup holder on the top of the cooler with his arm being supported by the side of the cup holder.

Knowing that your worth isn't determined by whether or not you can stand, I told Jacob the we didn't need to throw away the little soldier and I put him back into the group of soldiers.

It's good to know that God doesn't determine my worth by how well I can do things!
Matthew 10:31

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