Friday, August 6, 2010


What was that noise???

Just moments before (this happened yesterday), 5 of the children had been with me in my bedroom, talking and playing around. I'd gotten up to walk down to the kitchen to get lunch on the table and the children were following me. As I neared the kitchen, I heard this loud "wham!" behind me. The sound was much like a baseball hitting a wall.

When I turned, I found Lydia lying on her back on the floor behind me, squirming, crying, and screaming. Samuel was just behind her, looking cowardly and quiet.

As I picked up Lydia to see what was wrong with her, I started spouting off a continual flow of questions to Samuel, but the answers weren't coming fast enough. When they did come, this is what I found out had happened...

The playfulness had continued when we left my bedroom. Samuel and Lydia were laughing and he was chasing her. She was running on her knees in front of Samuel and he poked her in the back as she neared what we call the "China cabinet" (because it contains the things we bought while in China). Lydia had been looking back at Samuel when he poked her and she also had kept running. When Samuel poked her, Lydia turned her head around to keep going forward, but unfortunately, she had gotten too near the China cabinet. She lost her balance and her face slammed into the cabinet as she fell.

Two of Lydia's front teeth are now looser than they had been, and another one is now loose, too. Her mouth bled for a little while due to the force of the impact moving her teeth. She also had a slightly swollen cheek and a slightly black eye.

I do have pictures to show you, but can't find the camera cord that connects the camera to the computer. Except for the loose teeth, she's all better now.

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