Friday, July 16, 2010

June Running/Walking Progress

As the weather got hotter, my pace slowed and changed. For the most part, I no longer run. It's just too hot. But, there were times where I ran a short distance during June in order to get away from the biting flies that were a bother. Why they would fly around my head in circles and then slam into my forehead, I just couldn't understand. Glad they're gone!

My total for June increased in part to the fact that I have a walking buddy. Now, after I walk my usual 5K, I return home and wake Esther. Then, she joins me for another 2.34 miles.

My total for the month of June was 82.13 miles. That brings my total so far for the year to 363.96 miles. That leaves 336.04 miles to go in order to reach my 700 mile goal.

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