Thursday, July 15, 2010

Accessible Fun for Everyone - Morgan's Wonderland

While on vacation in Texas, we visited Morgan's Wonderland. This is a place where Jacob can roll his wheelchair right up onto the swing platform and swing without getting out of his wheelchair. Jacob and Lydia can both feel secure while riding on the world's only carousel that's made for a wheelchair rider to roll their wheelchair right up onto the carousel and ride inside a dragon or be belted onto the animal at the chest and around the waist. Jacob could ride in a jeep while in his wheelchair, or get out of his chair and sit in the front seat to drive. Lydia especially like driving the jeeps!

They played on the Butterfly Playground, fished at the catch and release fishing area (and Jacob caught one!), drove remote controlled pirate ships, shot water cannons, rode the train and generally had a lot of fun.

Brothers and sisters joined in the fun at this place where no one has to be left out. See for yourself...

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