Friday, June 4, 2010

What Every Home Needs

You've seen them. They're everywhere. If you go to fill up the car with gas, they're there. If you go out to eat, they're there. When you shop for groceries, they are most certainly there. The library? They can be found there, too. How about at church, you might wonder? Well, they can be found there, too, sometimes, but usually it's not as bad.

They can be tall, short, young, old, various colors and from various countries.

So, what is it that every home needs and what is it that can be found everywhere you go?

What every home needs is a FULL LENGTH MIRROR. What is it that can be found everywhere you go? Improperly dressed women.

You've seen them. Women who have on clothes that are too tight. Women who may be cov
ered, but in clothes that are stretched to their limit or peeking open at the center of the bust line. Women whose panty line can be seen through her too tight jeans, dress, or skirt. Women who have on a t-shirt with leggings that show all of the many lumps and curves that would be best loosely covered and hidden. Women whose belly sticks out over their waistband and maybe even shows from underneath a too short shirt. Women who wear a dark bra or panties underneath light colored clothes, not realizing their undies can be seen by the world.

A few weeks ago, we had a yard sale. As various members of my family joined me that morning out in the driveway, an education was happening. My 6yo son told me "that woman needs more clothes" because it was obvious to him that she wasn't dressed like she should have been. My middle girls began to really see, maybe for the first time, just how many people are overweight and how badly they dress. My poor husband's eyes were assaulted over and over by the sight of things he'd rather not see and didn't need to see just so he could be there by my side acting as my protector as strangers made their way into our yard. Our whole family saw a glimpse of how the world is getting worse.

As we sat there together, I remarked to my oldest daughter and husband that every home needs a full length mirror.

If every home had a full length mirror, would some of these women have chosen to dress differently? I don't know. They would have had the opportunity to see how they look, though. Maybe that would have led to different choices.

Some of us don't want to see every bump and curve on the bodies of people we meet. I'd rather not know that a woman's belly pooches out a little over her waistband. I'd rather not know just how large her thighs are, or what color her undies are. I'd rather my husband didn't see the cleavage of other women or the exact shape of their bottoms.

Full length mirrors - the hope of a better tomorrow!

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