Monday, June 14, 2010

Milk - Is It Good For You?

My husband wanted me to buy this book, The Untold Story of Milk by Ron Schmid. I didn't understand why. We both already knew that raw milk is much better for a body than store bought milk. So, why did we need to read more about it?

Well, now I know! We knew only the very basic facts about milk. This book is loaded with valuable information and it's all well documented with footnotes.

God created milk from pasture fed cows to be a life giving drink. The other foods made from this kind of raw milk - like butter, sour cream, cream cheese and buttermilk - are also very good for a body.

Did you know that raw milk from pasture fed cows is enough to keep you alive and thriving for many years with no other food? It is!

J.E. Crewe, a doctor at the Mayo Foundation (now called the Mayo Clinic), wrote in January of 1929 that "Raw milk cures many diseases".

Dr. Charles Porter wrote a book titled Milk Diet as a Remedy for Chronic Disease in 1905. Dr. Porter treated over 18,000 patients with the milk diet. For 39 years, he had uniformly good results. He treated patients with heart and kidney disease, brain and nerve disorders, blood clots, paralysis, colitis and irritable bowel syndrome, ulcers, gastritis and chronic poisoning due to lead, mercury, arsenic and various other toxic medicines used at the time.

Porter states in his book that four weeks on the milk diet should be enough to cure fatigue, skin troubles, poor digestion, pleurisy, ringing in the ears, constipation, asthma, allergies, hemorrhoids, insomnia, ulcers, colitis, goiter, malaria, arteriosclerosis, neuralgia, arthritis, hives, cystitis, dysentery or chronic diarrhea, impotence, gout, sciatica, migraine, enlargement of the prostate, gallstones and liver disorders, kidney disease and the first stage of TB. He even added diabetes to the list in a later edition of the book. Further reading tells me that the milk diet will also normalize blood pressure, harden the muscles (almost like an athlete's), and cause overweight people to lose weight while it causes underweight people to gain weight.

Sound too good to be true? If so, then you need to read this book. I think it'll make a believer out of you.

Cow's milk is good for you, but only if it's raw and from pasture fed cows.

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  1. This book sounds great! I'm going to look into it. does it have anything to say about raw goat's milk?