Monday, June 14, 2010


While I don't claim to have had a fantastic education while in school, I do believe it's fair to say that my continuing education as an adult has been ongoing and active, with a few specialties, but that's for another post.

Our bodies contain enzymes and so do some foods. Enzymes help us digest our food.

Did you know that we seem to be born with a certain amount of enzymes in our bodies and when we use them up we die? Yes! Dr. Edward Howell, a pioneer in enzyme research, says that eating an enzyme-poor diet or a diet of mostly cooked food leads to a shortened life span, illness, and lowered resistance to stress of all types.

Well, there aren't many people in the world who would volunteer for a shorter life span, and I don't plan to do it, either. I'm glad to know there are some things I can do to combat this.

Over the last week, with the help of Nourishing Traditions, I've made dill pickles, salsa, and sauerkraut - all foods that will up our intake of enzymes while at the same time allowing our bodies to hang on to some of their enzymes a little longer.

The recipes I used are in Nourishing Traditions and each one includes whey as an ingredient. No cooking was involved and no vinegar in those pickles. The pickles are ready for eating and have been declared "better than store bought". The salsa and kraut are still in process.

It feels good to know I spent my time making something for my family that truly is good for them! Enzymes - get to know them!

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