Monday, May 3, 2010

Flooded Street

The rain has come through, leaving behind flooded streets once again. As I'm typing this, the thunder is rumbling, so we may get even more rain. I think the water may be just a tad higher than I've seen it before. When I got around to taking these videos, the level had already started to recede slightly.

The flag in this video is the Guatemala flag that we hang in honor of Lydia's birthday. We really need to change it out for the Alabama flag in honor of Jacob's upcoming birthday.

Here's a look at what happens when someone goes driving by.

And here's our garbage can floating away. Thankfully, a city worker drove by and got it and put it back in our yard a safe distance from the "flood".

The pieces of wood that you see in our driveway in the picture below used to be on the other side of the big bunch of juniper.

Our driveway and how far up the driveway the water came.

And, yes, it is raining some more right now.

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  1. Whew, that's alot of rain! We were supposed to get some this weekend too- there was even a tornado watch- but nothing much happened :)