Thursday, May 6, 2010

Diaper Free!

Well, it's no surprise to you that it's Lydia who's diaper free since you see her pictures here.

Yep, it's true, she's officially a "big girl" now!

Lydia, like everyone else in the world, has her own time line for doing things. She walked independently at three-years-old instead of one-year-old, for instance.

She'd been getting fed via the food pump all night for her entire life until a few months ago. Imagine, if you got most of your food intake during the night - you'd have to use the bathroom, too. We recently were able to get her on daytime only feeds. That made it possible for her to learn to stay dry all night. And, that's brought us to this week and her big news.

If you ever listen to Dave Ramsey, then you know what I mean when I say a "debt free scream". Well, imagine that Lydia is screaming like that and saying "I'm diaper free!!!!"

Oh, and, no, she hasn't drooled all over herself. Her shirt is wet from the warm, humidified air that she breathes all night through a trach collar that fits over her trach. That means it probably needs to be adjusted.


  1. tell Lydia I am SO PROUD of her! She is such a big girl. Miss Bonnie

  2. Wow Lydia!! This is GREAT!! We're praising the Lord for the way HE is working in your life!