Thursday, May 6, 2010

Craving Responsibility

Anna often asks to do things she's never done before. Ordinary things. She doesn't ask to do crazy, there's no way I'm gonna say yes things like "can I go mountain climbing" or "can I go away to a summer camp"?

No, Anna asks to do things like cut up meat when I'm cooking, cook something by herself, or wash the dishes. Can you tell she likes the kitchen? I almost always tell her no to those kinds of things because I hold to the belief that when she's taller (which means she'll also be older), then it will be safer for her to work in the kitchen, and she'll also be able to do those things independently and feel the real satisfaction of doing them herself with no help. But, as Eugene on Adventures in Odyssey would say, "I digress."

This week, Anna has taken on the responsibility of feeding Lydia many of her feedings. She asked and I said "yes" instead of "no". She was so excited to get to do it!

Until now (more on that later), feeding Lydia has meant popping open a can of g-tube formula and pouring it into the syringe. Then, you can either hold it up and wait patiently for it to descend through the extension and into the g-tube, or you can use the plunger and push it through the extension. I prefer the push it in method, but Sarah and Anna prefer the slow way.

Here you can see her holding it up. She enjoyed reading to Lydia while feeding her.

And, did this one handed girl need any help pouring it in each time? Well, no, of course!

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  1. Fantastic! Donna, I passed on your blog for my mom to see. This is so encouraging and inspiring. Thank you!