Friday, April 23, 2010


With a family of 8, do you realize how much mending can pile up in just a few months? Lots!

I spent most of one day this week catching up on the mending. When I saw just how much there was to be done, out of curiosity, I decided to make a running list of what I accomplished.

For Jacob, the knees of 3 pair of jeans were patched, and the knees of two overalls were patched.

For Lydia, I remade a new pair of PJs. I made the long sleeves short and the left leg short. Custom tailored just for her!

For Samuel, I patched the knees of one pair of jeans and turned 3 pair of jeans into shorts (the knees of all three of these had holes and he'd gotten taller and the legs were too short to spent time patching the knees).

For Esther, I replaced a button on a sweater, fixed two underthings, re-attached the handle on a bag, and turned a long sleeved dress into a short sleeved dress.

For Anna, I turned a long skirt into a shorter skirt, and changed a long sleeved dress into a short sleeved dress.

For Sarah, I sewed on a button.

For myself, I repaired a seam on a pair of shorts that I sometimes wear for running.

Whew! Even though all those things were pretty simple, it took hours to complete it all.

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