Wednesday, April 7, 2010

March Running Progress

March didn't see such a motivated runner. There were days of nice weather that found me staying in bed or doing other things instead of tying on my running shoes and getting outside.

When I tallied up my mileage, it was disappointing. The total for the month was the lowest of the last three months. Only 47.68 miles. That makes my year-to-date total 159.50 miles.

Since my year end goal is 700 miles, I'll have to get down to business. That leaves me with 540.50 miles to go over the next 9 months.

April is looking better, since I've gotten out 5 of these first 7 days of the month.

The view is beautiful! Full grown dogwoods, azaleas, wisteria, and even some tulips are around. New green leaves against bright blue skies show the new life that's abounding.

Once I get myself outside, the view is much more enjoyable than before!

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