Friday, April 23, 2010

Bedroom Transformation, Day 13

I've lost track of time and progress on the bedroom since so much time has passed between doing the actual work and posting about it, but think I'm close on the number of days involved. We'll call it correct, okay?

Anyway, I did decide to paint the bookcase green. I again used spray paint. It's such an easy way to paint and no brush strokes! The green sort of matches our bed covers and looks like it does as long as it's several feet from the bed, and it is, so it looks good.

Then, I used a single curtain panel that I'd bought on clearance at Target a few months ago to update a pair of natural colored curtains that we already owned. I cut the green panel to fit on our existing curtains and sewed them in place. This is when I found out that our existing curtain panels weren't the same width. That mean more cutting, seam ripping, and more sewing.

I'd planned to use the leftover green fabric to make pillows for decoration, but there wasn't much left. I kept the scraps in hopes of finding a use for them somehow in the future. We were pleased with the results, but the picture makes our bedroom look very dark. In real life, it's not that dark.

Is the bedroom finally finished? Yes, it pretty much is. Ed is planning to make a headboard for our bed, so that's still left.

The bedroom is a much nicer place to be now. Uncluttered, clean, and coordinated. I like it.

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