Friday, April 23, 2010

Baking Day

Last Saturday was a baking day for me. My plan was to get some things in the freezer while at the same time meeting a current need.

One thing on my list was to make more than one batch of cinnamon rolls. I wanted to have one for breakfast the next morning and some to put in the freezer.

I baked up two pans, one 9x13 and a smaller one for the next morning.

I froze two batches that were rolled up and ready to cut. They will stay in the freezer until the day before I want to cook them. I'll take them out that day to thaw. When thawed, Ill cut them and put them in a pan, cover them, and put them in the fridge overnight for a slow rise. The next morning, they will be baked and iced. That will make for an easy, hot, yummy breakfast.

The other big job on my baking list was to make 8 loaves of bread. Eight is not so much for my family, who can eat an entire loaf at one lunch sometimes.

Here is an example of a beautiful loaf of bread. Light golden brown and fully risen. Just what I desired for my efforts.

Gaze upon three more beautiful loaves of healthy goodness made with ingredients that you can pronounce.

Then, there were the two duds. Notice the low, short, heavy, flat topped bricks? That's an example of unleavened bread, I guess, since that batch obviously got skipped when I was measuring out the yeast. Oops!

They would have made great doorstops.

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