Monday, March 8, 2010

Broken Leg

"It's broken" were the words that Dr. Harrell said when he walked back into the room.

We don't know how it happened or when it happened, just that somehow, somewhere, sometime, Jacob managed to do something that broke his leg right above his ankle.

Now, you might be amazed that we could not know how or when this happened, but there's a simple explanation. Spina bifida. Because of the spina bifida, Jacob has a loss of sensation in some areas below his lower back. His leg is broken in an area where he has no sensation, so he feels no pain.

Last night around supper time, Sarah called to me to have me come take a look at Jacob's leg, saying that it was swollen. She was right and we put ice on it. I talked with Ed, who was driving back from Miami and was several hours away from home, a friend, and our old PT, Candace. It was decided that I could watch his leg and probably be able to wait until this morning to go see the doctor, thus avoiding a visit to the ER.

That's what we did. I measured his leg and kept checking on it during the night, finding no change. I took Jacob to his pediatrician this afternoon, who confirmed that it was broken. Jacob's ortho is out-of-town, so Dr. Harrell got him an appointment with another ortho in an effort to keep us out of the ER.

We went to see Dr. Howard, the new ortho. While there in the waiting room, Jacob wowed people with his ability to get around and with the fact that he was so happy and enjoying himself while having a broken leg. Well, with no pain, why not be happy?

The leg bone was not out of place, so it didn't have to be set, just casted. Jacob chose blue for his cast and was the perfect patient. Feeling no pain sure helps you to be cooperative!

Now, if he could just tell us how this happened!

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