Thursday, March 25, 2010

Bedroom Transformation, Days 6 & 7

You know, it's hard to take good pictures of the inside of a closet. The lighting isn't great and it's a small space.

Yesterday, I put wood filler on the nail holes and joints of the shoe molding, caulked the inside seams of the new door frame, primed the baseboard, and painted the inside of the closet

Today, I painted the baseboard and the inside of the closet door frame. With Sarah's help, I carried the shoe shelf outside. Using a $2 can of spray paint, I painted it white. It looks so much better than it did as a dingy, dirty, cream color. After a little while it was dry and she helped me carry it back inside. That's where I found that the prior owners who had made the shoe shelf had made it just the size of the inside of the closet without shoe molding. Oh well, I just balanced it on top of the molding and enjoyed the clean look of the new paint job.

Now, the closet is again filled with all our clothes and stuff. Not nearly as spacious looking as when it was empty. Kinda discouraging. But, I know that underneath all that stuff, is a nice looking place. I know. I spent part of two days in there!

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