Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Bedroom Transformation, Day 2

Taking pictures wasn't a priority today. Meeting my goal of making it to a certain corner of my bedroom was my priority.

Thanks to help from the two oldest girls, not only did I make it to the desired corner, we surpassed it by an entire wall! That leaves one large wall and a small section of wall waiting their turn to be covered in joint compound.

While working today, we enjoyed listening to some teaching, preaching, and well, Dave.

The preaching was by S. M. Davis and consisted of "What to Expect from a Twelve-Year-Old" and "What the Bible Says about Scorn and Mockery" (now, that one was convicting!).

The teaching was by Doug Phillips and was "What's a Girl to Do?".

All three of these were CDs that I'd heard before. Today, "What's a Girl to Do?" and "What to Expect from a Twelve-Year-Old" were affirming and encouraging.

As I listened to these two in particular, I evaluated my helpers. Sarah, at 14, is well on her way to becoming the Godly young lady that she aspires to be and that we want her to become. There are emotional struggles
sometimes that can't be avoided with the season of life that she's in right now, but for the most part, she's an arrow that's headed to the target. Trustworthy. Reliable. Feminine. Capable.

Anna, at 10, is showing promise that she, too, is an arrow headed in the right direction. Over the last year, Anna has really begun to show some maturity that she didn't have before. She has also shown herself to be more responsible and is taking the initiative to do what needs to be done (at least in some areas) without needing to be asked or reminded. Helpful. Willing worker. Calm (at least most of the time!). Pleasant.

It did my mommy heart good to realize these things about my daughters.

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