Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Bedroom Transformation, Day 1

The master bedroom in our house has been undergoing a remodel for a very long time, possibly even more than a year. The last thing that had been done was to attempt to install beadboard paneling. That itself was a many month ordeal and was last week deemed failed. So, it was taken down and the bare walls looked like this one when I started to work on Monday of this week.

This handy little yellow tray, trowel, and buckets of joint compound (3 buckets so far) are now my companions. I'm spending so much time with them and handling them so much that I feel I really should think of them as my "friends".

So what was the rest of the family doing while my new "friends" and I were hanging out together?

Esther and Lydia were enjoying playdoh.

The other four were enjoying movies together. This is the way I found them when I walked out to check on them, it truly wasn't posed. They really do love each other!

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  1. "A picture is worth a thousand words" and this one speaks volumes. So encouraging to see our children loving eachother! Bambi