Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Ant

In the Bible, we learn that the ant is an industrious little thing. He's always on the move. He's capable of hauling things much larger then himself and is willing to put forth the effort to do it. He can move things twice his size, maybe even larger.

I don't ever remember seeing a lone ant just standing or sitting there watching the activity of all the other ants.

I remembered the ant today when I saw this...

One of Anna's jobs today was to clean the foyer. We have a computer desk in there that is usually a jumbled mess. I found Anna cleaning it.

Later, when I walked past I saw this...

And when we were eating lunch, I heard her say, "I like tidying." This was said with a smile on her face and a cheerful voice, and she said it out-of-the-blue. Can you believe it?? God has been good to me to give me Anna for a daughter!

At the same time, nearby, this was happening...

Lydia and Samuel were pretending to clean her toy kitchen (the one Anna had already straightened up earlier). See Lydia dusting the toy dishes?

Here's Samuel putting them away after they've been dusted.

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