Sunday, February 7, 2010

What's Your Hangup?

Think about carpenter jeans. You know, the ones with all the handy dandy pockets. They also come with a loop on the side of the leg for holding a hammer. Well, that loop can be dangerous, and I'm not talking about being hurt by your hammer. You see, that loop can get you "hung up" on something when you least expect it. That's something that Jacob learned this afternoon. He was over at the play kitchen having a good time. He'd been sitting on a chair so he could reach the little sink and stove, but something went wrong. I don't know if he decided to slide down off the chair, or if he leaned over too far and fell off it. Suddenly, he wanted help. I found him hanging from the toy kitchen's cabinet handle by the loop on the side of his jeans.

So, if you or someone you love wear carpenter's jeans, tell them to be careful, or they might find themselves hanging by their loop one day ;-)

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