Saturday, February 6, 2010

Want a Feminine Apron?

Every lady should have a feminine apron or two. I have one (not so feminine looking) that I made from an old denim jumper. I like to wear it on housecleaning days and when baking or doing lots of cooking. It does a great job of protecting my clothes from bathroom cleaner and spilled flour or oil.

But, it'd be nice to have a really feminine apron to wear for not so heavy duty work. One to wear just to feel feminine. Jane Cleaver style.

Maybe you'd like one, too. Mary Jo over at Covenant Homemaking ( going to be giving away an apron of just that sort (you have to register by February 10th) from Marie Madeline Studio ( They have some beautiful fabrics to choose from so you can get just the apron you'd wished to have.

Except, instead of you getting the apron you've wished for, I hope I win instead!

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