Monday, February 15, 2010


Last Friday, we had snow! Snow had been predicted, but it didn't happen exactly as had been forecast, leading to disappointment for me and Sarah.

Sarah and I woke on Friday morning expecting to find snow, but instead just found the continual rain that had begun the night before. There were rain puddles on the driveway and in various places in the yard, and the front ditch was almost full of water, as is usual nowadays when it rains because the ground is so saturated already.

Everyone began to get dressed for the day, when suddenly, Sarah came running through the house screaming, "It's snowing!" Screams began to fill the house as the others ran to the windows to see for themselves.

The rain had simply changed into snow. It was beautiful snow, with large flakes, many of which were the size of quarters. It eventually began to stick on the leaves, grass, vehicles, and anything that wasn't directly on the ground.

Ed had gone into work in the middle of the night in order to avoid what might later be bad road conditions. He was able to come home mid-morning and brought along a couple of inches of snow on the roof of the car. This clean snow later became "Frosty" the snowman.

Everyone enjoyed the snow for as long as it lasted. Frosty enjoyed it longer than anyone, as she (they added a hair bow) hung around for about 48 hours (in one form or another).

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