Monday, February 15, 2010

The Saturday Hangout

For a couple of people, this was the place to hangout on Saturday, as a stomach virus made a visit.

Esther was the first to get sick that morning. She has always been the most healthy of all the children, so she had to have a lesson in how to throw up in the toilet and not on the kitchen counter (like she first did - really gross!) or on the bathroom rugs (like she did the second time - again, gross). I'm used to cleaning up messes from the littlest ones when they get sick, but I believe an 8-year-old should be able to ring the toilet.

Esther suffered for a while and then the medicine Ed gave her kicked in and she felt fine for a few hours. We had her stay camped out on the couch, though, and attempted to keep the other children from getting very close to her. She felt bad again later when the medicine wore off and we gave her some more.

Late in the afternoon, Anna got sick. She was a slightly more experienced patient and rung the toilet every time!

They both rested that night and Anna threw up once more Sunday morning, then it was all over. In a family of 8, only two got sick.

Ed and I believe we know what happened. Ed was scheduled to preach on Sunday morning because our pastor was at the hospital with his wife who had given birth to their third baby on Saturday. While Ed was studying, our family was being tested.

We gave Tummy Tune-Up
and Ultimate Defense to the whole family to fight off the sickness. Maybe those helped. We're just glad it's gone.

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