Sunday, February 7, 2010

I'm Bored

"I'm bored" are two words that my children don't often say to me. Maybe that seems strange to you because your children say (or used to say) those words to you quite often.

Maybe you're wondering how to get them to break that habit. It could be that what works for me will work for you, too. You see, it's a simple thing. Just 5 little words and my kitchen floor gets clean effortlessly (at least it's effortlessly for me).

When one of my children says those two little words, "I'm bored", I tell them those five little words. "Go get a baby wipe."

They are to go get a baby wipe and come back to the kitchen where they have to get down on their knees, or squat, and start cleaning the floor with the baby wipe.

It works two purposes. One, they're no longer bored (and start to think of all kinds of things they could be doing instead of cleaning the floor), and two, the kitchen floor becomes cleaner (and it could almost always use that!).

Oh, it's interesting that during the cleaning of the floor, the rotten attitude that they had when they first started (they don't like me to say those five little words) usually goes away. We have white tile in the kitchen, so it's very easy to see the dirty places. They seem to always begin to feel the satisfaction of a job well done soon after beginning as they see what a difference they're making.

Mostly, it's the middle aged children who earn the opportunity to bless me like that, but today it was the oldest! (Who wants you to know that she didn't start out with a rotten attitude, and even swept it, too!)

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