Thursday, February 4, 2010

Hair Day

In our family, almost everyone has brown eyes, but there can be found various types of hair. This is the type of hair that can be done in a flash.

Then, there
's the extreme opposite. For the person with that type of hair, today was "hair day." It began yesterday when the two oldest girls helped me to take down the current braids. This morning, I shampooed her hair, slathered on the conditioner, and let it do its work during breakfast. In the meantime, I finished
cutting yarn for yarn braid extensions.

When I finished cutting, there were 120 strands of yarn hung over the back of this chair.

We (oldest girl and I) worked through the morning, with a few interruptions. This is our lunchtime progress.

After lunch, we got back to work and worked through until 5:00 or so. When we finished, there were 4 strands of yarn left on the chair.

And, here's our finished project. I decided to put the rosewood colored wooden beads in her hair since Valentine's Day is near. I don't know why it looks like she has huge areas of bare scalp between braids. I promise it isn't that way in real life. Parts show, but it doesn't look like she's losing her hair!

It's nice to see the finished project. It always looks so pretty when it's a fresh hairdo and hasn't had time to get fuzzy. Once again, a lovely Esther!

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