Thursday, January 21, 2010

What would you do with $1000?

If someone gave me $1000 today, what would I do with it? Well, I'd have to talk it over my husband, of course, but let's assume I get to choose all by myself.

It could be used to have the bus worked on and find out why it sometimes won't crank. Or, to fix the leaks on it. Or, to buy new tires for it. It could be used to fix the wipers that don't work properly on Ed's truck. We could use it to see why the car has that ticking sound that won't stop. Enough about vehicles.

How about something like new shoes and clothes for all of us? Filling the freezer with meat would be nice, too. A heater for the pool so the children could swim all year. We could send it to Haiti, where Esther was born, or use it to help fund an adoption for another family.

A short vacation! Now, that would be fun! Maybe we could visit some far off friends. Or, send them the money so they could come visit us here.

Saving it to be used for many date nights would be high on my wish list.

But, what would it probably be used for? To fix the vehicles and save whatever might be left after paying for that. That doesn't sound like fun, but it does sound like security.

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