Friday, January 22, 2010

Jacob walks!

Even though Jacob is closer to 4-years-old than he is to 3-years-old, he's not a walker.

Jacob was born with spina bifida. Because of this, his little legs don't work "normally" and he's unable to stand on his own.

Yesterday, after three days of fittings and adjustments, we finally got to bring home his new HKAFOs. That stands for hip, knee, ankle, foot orthosis. With this contraption, his little legs can be locked in a straight position, enabling him to stand.

He's been excited about getting them and has a desire to walk. He was anxious to walk each time he was asked to stand during the fitting process. There's a whole lot of work ahead for him as he learns to hold himself upright and balance, along with learning more about how to move his legs as he walks. He starts PT again today, this time, focusing on walking.

We're very proud of his determination. I hope he's able to keep that determination during all the hard work ahead of him. He'll need it to accomplish his goal of walking either with a walker, forearm crutches, or independently.

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