Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The busy mom's mind

Sometime in the last two years, my family watched the movie "Bubble Trouble". The children really enjoyed it.

There was one scene in the movie where the young son walked up to his mom while she was working at her desk. The movie used the cartoon bubble over her head to show what she was thinking. It was amazing! She was so much like me! The thoughts were flying through her head!

Here's an example of what she was thinking (I don't remember the exact thoughts), and it was happening at lightening speed.

"Get the meat out of the freezer to thaw."
"Need to call and reschedule the dentist appointment."
"Write ketchup on the grocery list."
"Wonder what time it is?"
"Boy, I'm hungry."
"Wonder what he wants?"
"Why is it only me that hears the dryer buzzer?"
"Wish someone else would change her diaper."
"Where did I put that phone number?"
"Oh, I forgot start the washer."

There in that movie was what Anne of Green Gables would refer to as "a kindred spirit." I totally understood how that mom could be thinking so many and such various thoughts in maybe 10 seconds. I laughed long and hard at that scene!

As time goes by, I find I have trouble remembering things and use lists more and more. But, the mind of this busy mom is still capable of thinking many more thoughts (at almost the exact same time) than you might think possible.

And, (little sinner that I am) I'm glad no one can read my thoughts!

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