Monday, January 18, 2010

Always Growing and Learning

Have you ever wished you could go back in time and visit for a day?

If I could, today I'd choose to go back to the my teenage self to observe and question. To challenge, really. I'd challenge the beliefs I held then, or the lack thereof. Why did I believe such things and what was the basis of those beliefs?

Upon observing the young me, the choices I'd see myself making would give a glimpse into what I then believed. How were those beliefs shaped? Who influenced me to make those choices?

Would I see a young me making daily decisions without considering what my parents would think? Would I make those choices without considering what my peers would think? Would I make them without considering what God would think?

Looking back, I believe I'd be saddened today to see that my choices back then were made based more on what my peers would think than on anything else. More than what my parents would think and more than what God would think, I'd have pleased myself by pleasing other young people.

Why? There's no way to know for sure. From where I stand today, I'd have to say that because I spent so much more time with my peers than with any adults, it was my peers who shaped my view of life. Because I spent so much time with them, it would have been important to fit in with them. Otherwise, I'd have had a lonely time and probably have been made fun of, instead of having friends and fitting in with a group, a "family" you might call it.

Growing and learning. I've grown both in body and maturity since then.
I've learned much in the years between then and now. Life experiences have taught me much about various things.

Am I still influenced by my peers? I'd have to say yes, to a point. But, at the same time, I'm much stronger and more willing to step apart from the crowd and make decisions on my own. I've learned that they're not who I should be looking toward to determine my worth.

Today, I've grown to the point that I can choose differently than the crowd and have learned that even though it's uncomfortable, it's best. So, I'm still growing and learning. How about you?

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